Human Resource and Administration Directorate

Under route from the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Company, HR & Administration Directorate manages the recruitment and placement of the "right people on right jobs" and enhancing their levels of motivation, morale and job satisfaction to help in achieving the goals of company.

The Human Resource and Administration Directorate GEPCO team consists of very skilled & qualified professionals with admirable analytical approach.

The Human Resource and Administration Directorate headed by Director General (HR & Admn ) there are three major wings of the Human Resources Department GEPCO, Human Resources, Administration & Services and Legal & Labour, each wing lead by Manager BPS-19 level officer.

The GEPCO have 17301 No. of employees posted at 180 locations spread in six districts/jurisdiction of the company, to succession planning, acquiring & Managing Human Capital and look after their fringe benefits as well as increasing their motivation level and professional skills. GEPCO Human Resource & Administration Department performs the following tasks :







~  Manpower/Establishment

~    Recruitment and Selection

~    Appointment, Deployment, Re-deployment/Transfers

~    Compensation and Benefits Administration

~    Career Planning and Promotions

~    Performance Management

~    Incentives Administration

~    Training and skill Development

~   Supervision  over Employees’ Health, Welfare, Safety and Security

~    Transportation

~    Electronic Communication

~  Custodial Services for Company records

~  Correspondences and other Communication Services

~   Office/Facilities Management

~   Legal Matters

~   Discipline/Enquiries

~   PERs

~   Labor Union / Labor  Related Matters

~   Sports

~   Property Management

This Directorate is working day and night to cope with the challenges being faced by the company:-