Technical Directorate

The Directorate is headed by Chief Engineer BPS-20 officer and located at GEPCO HQ, The tasks assigned to Technical Directorate GEPCO are:

  1. Planning and Design of electricity distribution, sub-transmission and grid stations.
  2. Procurement of material for these development and system expansion works.
  3. Construction of the development and system expansion works.

The directorate consists on following Departments:

  • Planning & Engineering
  • Material Management
  • Project Construction

Planning and Engineering Department

The Planning & Engineering Department headed by Chief Engineer, the think tanks of GEPCO where the intellectual’s brains..…the Engineers of the company sit to plan & design the pitches to manage and sustain the existing distribution system (HT/LT Lines) and plane how to meet with the future requirement of the company to facilitate the honorable customers of the company. The P&E department equipped with latest tool and technologies (GIS). GEPCO the 1st company who mapped all his grids and lines through Geographical Information System. The area of work as under:

·         To Plan for functional guidance in all technical activities to ensure efficient and economical operation of the distribution system.

·         Because of many voltage level and the many site of equipment available it is not easy matter to decide on most economical combination.

·         To forecast need for system expansion to provide adequate and reliable service to valued consumers.

·         Implement standard and specification of the authority regarding Planning & Engineering.

·         To Administer the issuance of work order for high tension (H.T) and low tension (L.T) proposals for augmentation/ rehabilitation of the distribution network under energy loss reduction and distribution of Power program.

·         To encourage latest technology for carrying out the analysis of system to get accurate result for evaluation correct parameters.

·         To know system constraints for their trouble shooting to minimize system losses.

·         Processing the applications for New Connections / Reconnections / Load Extensions and Bulk Supply having load of more than 500 KW (Tariff Categories B – 3, B – 4, C – 2 & C – 3)

·         Approval & Design of External Electrification of Housing Schemes

·         Approval & Design of Electrification of Multistory Buildings/Shopping Plazas

·         Preparation of Distribution System Rehabilitation and extension and issuance of work orders there of

·         Inspection of completed work orders

·         Load flow studies of distribution network

·         Technical adjudication of tenders for purchase of material

·         Maintenance of record/data of 11kv feeders

·         Updating database of 11kv feeders

·         Load flow studies on Transmission Lines and design/development plans for Transmission Lines and Grid Stations

·         Inspection of materials procured for works

Development of standards and specification for materials/components and systems