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Office Order#3387 Dated:16-02-2018: Posting of Mr. Waqas Ahmed as SDO City Sub Division Lalamusa Download
Office Order#3386 Dated:16-02-2018: Additional Charge of the Post Manager Project Construction GEPCO Download
Office Order#3348 Dated:15-02-2018: Posting of Mr. Sikandar Ali Memon as SDO SIE Sub Division Gujrat Download
Office Order#3283 Dated:12-02-2018: Posting of Newly Promoted SEs as Manager S&I, Manager Marketing, Manager GSO and Manager GSC GEPCO Download
Office Order#3335 Dated:14-02-2018: Posting of the Post Acting Dy. Manager (HRM), Mr. Muhammad Naseem Akhtar Download
Office Order#3346 Dated:14-02-2018: Additional Charge of the Post Manager (HRM), Mr. Shahid Pervaiz Download
Office Order#3284 Dated: 12-02-2018: Posting of Mr. Azhar Yaqoob, Dy. Manager (HR) at WAPDA Hospital Gujranwala Download
Office Order#3252 Dated: 08-02-2018: Promotion/Posting of Mr. Muhammad Riaz, Dy. Manager (Oper) Sialkot-III GEPCO to LESCO Download
Office Order#3251 Dated: 08-02-2018: Promotion/Posting of Mr. Mazhar Naveed, Acting Manager Construction GEPCO to FESCO Download
Office Order#3250 Dated: 08-02-2018: Posting of Mr. Moeen-ud-Din, SE/Manager S&I GEPCO to FESCO Download
Office Order#3249 Dated: 08-02-2018: Posting of Mr. Altaf Hussain, SE/PD GSC GEPCO to FESCO Download
Office Order#2855 Dated: 15-01-2018: Posting of Chief Engineer/Director CS, PMU and O&M Distt Download
Notification Dated: 02-01-2018: Nomination of Focal Persons and Coordinators for SMART GEPCO ERP Project Download
O/O-2529 Dated: 20-12-2017:Posting/Transfer of SDO Daska-IV and SDO Farooq Gunj Sub Divisions Download
O/O-2047 Dated: 15-11-2017. Deputing Incharge Net Metering Implementation Units Download
O/O-2167 Dated: 21-11-2017. Celebrating of Rabi-ul-Awal Download
O/O-45953-99 Dated: 17-11-2017. Applications are invited for long term advances During FY-2017-18 Download
O/O-2147 Dated: 20-11-2017. Posting/Transfer of Manager Procurement, Manager Project Construction and Project Director GSC GEPCO. Download
O/O-PEPCO-12256-98 Dated: 18-10-2017. Ammendment in PEPCO Transfer Policy Download
O/O-1917 Dated: 08-11-2017. Revised Daily Allowance-2017 Download
O/O-1663 Dated: 24-10-2017. Promotions/Posting and Transfers of LS-II to the Post of LS-I Download
Notification-(WAPDA) Exam Schedule-2018 for DPE/Upgradation Dated: 16-10-2017 Download
Notification:34393-445 Dated: 13-10-2017: Policy & Procedure for Issuance of New Computerized ID Card Download
O/O-1463 Dated: 10-10-2017: Posting of Manager HR GEPCO Download
O/O-1461 Dated: 10-10-2017: Posting/Transfer of SDO Operations Download
O/O-1381 Dated: 04-10-2017: Posting/Transfer of Xen S&I and Narowal Division Download
O/O-1343 Dated: 02-10-2017: Recruitment Policy for Widows Download
O/O-1373 Dated: 03-10-2017: Posting of Chief Engineer (P&E) and Additional Charge of C.S Director GEPCO Download
O/O-1153 Dated: 18-09-2017: Posting of newly promoted Dy. Managers/Sr. Engineers Download
O/O-1050 Dated: 08-09-2017: Posting of Chief Engineer P&E and Chief Engineer Customer Services GEPCO Download
O/O-987 Dated: 31-08-2017: Posting of Project Director GSC GEPCO Download
O/O-986 Dated: 31-08-2017: Posting of Assistant Manager Control Centre, PDC GEPCO Download
O/O-984 Dated: 31-08-2017: Posting of Deputy Manager Technical, Gujrat Circle. Download
O/O-971 Dated: 31-08-2017: Retirement Orders of SDO Sambrial, Mr. Muhammad Razzaq. Download
O/O-921 Dated: 29-08-2017:Transfer/Posting SDO Bhopalwala Sub Division. Download
Cir/NO-665 Dated: 11-08-2017, Circular to Getting Permission for Qualification Download
O/O-5884 Dated: 14-06-2017, Pre-mature Increment on Time Scale Upgradation Download
O/O-932 Dated: 30-08-2017, GEPCO Web Administration Team Download
O/O-968 Dated: 31-08-2017, Notification of Holidays on the occasion of Eid ul azha 2017. Download
O/O-953 Dated: 30-08-2017, Posting/Transfer of Assistant Manager(Operation) Shahna Loke Sub Division and Dinga Sub Division Download
O/O-944 Dated: 30-08-2017, Posting of Assistant Manager (TLC) GSC Sub Division GEPCO Download
O/O-938 Dated: 30-08-2017, Time Scale Upgradation from BPS-17 to BPS-18 Download
O/O-937 Dated: 30-08-2017, Time Scale Upgradation from BPS-17 to BPS-18 Download
O/O-936 Dated: 30-08-2017, Promotion of UTS (Diploma Holder) to Assistant Manager (Oper) Download
O/O-935 Dated: 30-08-2017, Promotion/Posting of Commercial Suptd to Assistant. Manager (CS) Download
Family Assistance Package Download
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