Our Vision, Mission & Core Values  

1. Vision

To be a leading Power Distribution Company, providing ethical and sustainable customer services.

2. Mission

We are committed to deliver safe & secure Electric Power Supply to all our valuable customers by employing technological approach dependable human and organizational resource, focusing on delivery of targets and quality services.

3. Core Values

3.1 Ethics

We are committed to maintaining high professional standards of conduct and personal integrity in our daily activities.

3.2 Leadership

Our seniors take responsibility for their people. They provide the direction, the means and tools for their success.

They remain devoted to developing, stimulating, encouraging and empowering individuals.

3.3 Teamwork

Sound strategy and execution require diverse talents to work in unison where people work together towards common objectives. We emphasize ability to listen, observe and understand each other.

3.4 Culture of excellence

Our organizational culture reflects an environment where leadership, innovation and achievements are encouraged and rewarded at all levels. We foster trustworthiness through open dialogue with our employees, sharing of information knowledge, experience and mutual respect.

3.5 Courtesy

We are courteous with our customers, stakeholders, and towards each other and encourage open communication.

3.6 Responsibility

We are responsible as individuals and as teams for our work and our actions. We welcome scrutiny, and we hold ourselves accountable.

3.7 Integrity

We have integrity as individuals and as teams our decisions are characterized by honesty and fairness.