Policy Name 
1-Service Rules 2021.pdf Download
10-Performance Management Policy.pdf Download
11-Vehical mgt system.pdf Download
12-TRANSFER Posting policy.pdf Download
13-HRIS automated office notifications.pdf Download
14-HRIS Profile Locking System.pdf Download
15-House allocation policy.pdf Download
16-Deputation.pdf Download
17-Collaborative Office Management System.pdf Download
18-Online Attedance Management.pdf Download
19-Travel Management policy.pdf Download
2-Anti Harassment Policy.pdf Download
20-Tender & Invoice Monitoring System.pdf Download
21-Fixed Assets System.pdf Download
22-Regulatory Monitoring System.pdf Download
23-Business SMS System.pdf Download
24-SOP on prohibition of enchashment of Cheques.pdf Download
25-SOP for Temporary Advance.pdf Download
26-SOP for Tower Rehabilitation.pdf Download
27-SOP for Material.pdf Download
28-SOP for disposal of Unserviceable material.pdf Download
3-Disciplinary Policy.pdf Download
4-Code of Conduct.pdf Download
5-Compensation & Benefits Plan.pdf Download
6-Employee GRIEVANCES and Redressal.pdf Download
7-Employment.pdf Download
8-Health Policy new.pdf Download
9-Learning and Development Policy.pdf Download
GEPCO Policies Office Order Dated 21-09-2021.jpeg Download